Non-Geographic Numbers


1800, 1850 and 1890 Numbers


Using a non-geographic or lo-call number on your web site and corporate material is a very effective way of achieving a national presence for your business and making you an accessible and preferable option for customers on a national basis.

How can we help?

·   Various prefixes provided including 1800, 1850 or 1890
·    All administration associated with your non-geographic number will be handled by our team on your behalf.
·    Where required, our team of call centre agents can provide a professional answering service for your business calls, thereby enhancing your availability and customer service even further.


The Phone Answering Service charges a fixed monthly cost to administer this service plus any call costs that are incurred at the standard rate.     Call costs vary depending on whether you opt for an 1800, 1850 or 1890 number.  The Phone Answering Service team would however, be happy to work with you to establish the best option for your business or marketing campaign.